Sunday, March 23, 2014

New Dog Die Cut!

There's nothing like new machine envy that forces me to figure how to get my old machine to do something close or similar.  I have a Boss Kut Gazelle.  I bought it in 2007, but I'm drooling over the new Brother Scan N Cut. Well, I played with my Gazelle to see if I could mimic one of of the Scan N Cut features with a little extra elbow grease.  That gave me the designing bug again, so I designed a new die cut dog!

And I used the nifty outline feature of my Gazelle to make an outline that could serve as a silhouette on its own.

 Here's the doggy cut from patterned paper:.

I inked around the paws and tails on all of them to provide some more definition - especially on the cardstock ones.

This dog actually started out as a bunny die cut that I designed first.

Then I morphed it in to a dog.

(These will be up in my shops at some point in the future!)

The feature I adore about the Scan N Cut is that it will scan any image (rubber or a printed digital image or my own sketches and handwriting) and cut it out perfectly. I would NEVER have to fussy cut a stamp again or manually make a stamp mask.

Although the newest software of my Gazelle can do print and cut using registration marks, I have never upgraded the software because I don't use the machine as much as I imagined I would. I find I still prefer the finished edge of manual die cuts. Nevertheless, this machine has definitely served me well for YEARS.

While the newest Gazelle Software can print and cut, my original out-of-the-box-from-2007 software can outline.  So, I scanned in a stamped image (with my printer/scanner) and then outlined it.  I can cut the outline and then use my stamp-a-ma-jig to stamp inside that cut out.  More steps, more time, more margin for error, but it does the same job.  So, no Scan N Cut for me.... yet.

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  1. Good for you for working with your machine to get the features to work for you.
    I am not technical enough to use these machines with the basic features, lol.
    Your puppy is adorable.


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