Sunday, April 6, 2014

Hand made birthday cards I received

It was my birthday last month.  I got a couple of hand made cards that my step-mother, Maria, made. She made one for my sister to give me and one from herself and my dad.  Maria goes to Stampin' Up! classes where they sometimes scrapbook, sometimes make cards.  She's done a wonderful job on these:

This one would make for a lovely spring card too - what with the wood embossing and image from nature. I think Maria did an excellent job colouring the bird!  (I didn't ask, but my guess would be watercolour markers.) (Click the image for a larger view, so you can see all the embossing and shading.)

This one is bright, celebratory and gender neutral!  It would make a great birthday card for anyone! I think this one has a very graphic art style.

I was thrilled to get some hand made cards for my birthday!  They certainly add a touch of extra specialness to the occasion.

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  1. Happy Be-lated birthday :)
    Your birthday cards are very pretty.


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