Sunday, July 14, 2013

One Sheet Wonder Card Workshop

Seems I've spent less time crafting this year, so I decided I have some catching up to do.  I went to my idea list and found the "One Sheet Wonder" ("OSW").  If you Google this term, you will find all kinds of examples.  Basically, the idea is to make many cards from one sheet of patterned paper.  The cards could be identical, but most often are not.  This way, you can create a whole set of cards with different designs but unifying colours.  It makes a great gift set or helps fatten up the Holiday card stash!

I spent a long time looking at OSW cards and their templates and how different people produced cards under the same templates.  Then, I sat down, with Microsoft Excel serving as my graph paper, and came up with my own template using a blend of cards that I liked from all the templates I viewed.

My template builds sixteen cards, using 12 x 12 inch papers.  Some designs are made in multiples.  In total, there are nine different designs.  I just posted one of the multiples to my hand made greeting card store on iCraft.

I did alter this duplicate a tad by simply changing the sentiment.  I don't often make cards with large sentiments, so this was refreshing.  I also don't often stamp directly on my cards (for fear of mistakes), but the designs in this set called for it a few times.

In place of a second patterned paper, I used embossing a lot instead.  Dry Embossing adds a textured pattern to a paper.  If you have several embossing folders or plates, you can keep making the same pattern over and over in any colour, so it is more economical than patterned paper.

It took me a very long time to put these together.  Once I cut the patterned paper, there were SO MANY little pieces to keep track of.  I had to stop and recount the remaining pieces multiple times!  You see, the trick with the OSW technique is, the smaller you cut your pieces, the more cards you can make with one sheet.

This project was really good for using up the stash.  I used ribbon, stickers, buttons and stickles!  I also used A LOT of stamps.  This set consists of a mix of: thank-you, birthday, sympathy and thinking of you.

I enjoyed the variety that popped out from a single sheet of patterned paper.  I think this would be an awesome gift set.  I even went ahead and designed a One Sheet Wonder template for a 6 x 6 inch paper.  This way, I can get 4 from a 12 x 12 inch paper, or I can use the 6 x 6 inch paper pads.  I haven't created from the template yet, so there may still be some tweaking to do.  I can't wait to try it out!

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