Monday, July 1, 2013

Masculine Birthday Cards - Robots

For my card making workshop in May, my creative crew and I used a robot stamp set called Bunch of Bots by the company, My Favorite Things, to make some masculine birthday cards.

This is the sample that I made, using scrap strips for the background and a scrap piece for the mat.

My crew all used different bots from each other.  They were given some scrap groupings that went together and they were able to choose which strips they wanted to use.  Some also brought their own scrap bits to work from.  We ended up with three very different and wonderful cards!

Click to see larger picture.

By varying the colours and the message, you can make this card work for any age of man from babies to grand-daddies!  Using the strips as a background creates a neutral design.  This style of card would work just as well with other typically male icons, like a sailing ship or other nautical imagery (anchors, compasses, etc.), a vehicle, plane, or train, a pocket watch, etc.

Just as easily, this design can be used for feminine cards too.  I really like this layout.  While it is a great way to use scraps, it only uses 5 little pieces.  I have enough scraps to make dozens of them!


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