Monday, September 3, 2012

Room Swap in Progress

Some time back, my wonderful husband offered me our larger shared computer room to use as my scrap room and he would move his computer to my old room.  We had planned to make the switch on the Canada Day long weekend since that was the day I got my original scraproom in our old house.  Unfortunately, I ended up working overtime that whole weekend, so we rescheduled it to this one.

Here is the beginning.  We emptied the room as much as possible (meaning we put the bed in the guest room up on its side and filled the room with stuff plus have things derelect in the hallways too!) and pushed the rest of the stuff in this room in to the middle.  The old colour was a strong blue.  This room was occupied by a teenaged boy when the previous owner lived here.

My husband painted it a nice grey for me (it's CIL Universal Grey).  It's the colour of newspaper, but it has a blue undertone (it's a cool grey, instead of a warm grey.)  I choose the lightest grey on the same paint chip as the baseboard and frame colour.  It's an almost-white grey.  I couldn't believe the difference in the window frames and the doors when we painted them.  The old colour looked yellow and stained next to this colour.  The previous paint job must have been REALLY old.

Here is the room with all my stuff splayed out.  Wow, what a mess!  (But a lovely mess!)  I don't know why, when I pictured my new room, I kept thinking that all we had to do was put the furniture where it belongs and everything would just be where it's supposed to be.  No, moving doesn't happen like that.  I have A LOT of cleaning and arranging to do!

I have chosen accent pieces in turqoise/teal and vibrant purple.  That's why I painted the room as a grey neutral.  This way, when I tire of the colour, I can just swap the accent pieces.  None of the accent pieces made it in to the room yet (except for one garbage pail).  I have to get stuff put away first!  I planned where to put the furniture a long time ago, but I never really planned how I was going to organize my supplies.  My papers are still in the white cubes from Michaels and, like the last room, they are in the closet (along with some household storage.  The Huggies box I got from my sister is amizing sturdy for storing some of my old toys!)

My GrandeMark is in the corner and I plan to sit at the counter height table, so my paper cutter will be there.  The supply I'm struggling with the most is the stamping station.  Right now, stuff is piled on the microwave cart by the door, but that's where my computer's printer will be.  Hmmm... I'll figure something out!

I'm just happy that my two-table long island in the middle will comfortably seat six and I can seat one at the end for 7 if I need to.  Now my workshops can be upstairs where all my supplies and tools are to save me from running up and down the stairs six times per class!



  1. Wow that looks like a great room. Lots of room and a gorgeous bright window :)
    You are going to have so much fun making this room into your creative space :)

  2. like the color on the walls,nice size room for your crafting, boy you do have alot of work ahead of you on putting things away and organizing, good luck and enjoy your room!!!

  3. Your new space looks great! How nice that you have a more convenient place to hold workshops now.

    ♥ aquariann
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