Sunday, September 30, 2012

Anita's 2012 Paper Craft Retreat Goodness

A friend of my sister and I from high school came on our September paper crafting retreat too.  She's not a cardmaker.  She has a couple of Scrapbooks on the go, but one has been in the making a long time (just like all of my albums too!).  So, she took the opportunity to work on that album.  Our Stampin' Up! Cardmaking class were the first cards she's made.  She was pleased to get her toes wet since, her aunt (or great aunt) has always made Holiday cards to send but is getting to the age where it has become difficult to keep up.  So, Anita thought our trip would be a good opportunity to try her hand at it with the possibility of taking over the reigns.

Here are some cards from Anita.
Click photo for larger view.

The first three from the left are from the class and the two on the right are by Anita herself.  She has some stencil templates and she is very adept at using them.  The Gingerbread man is one.  Me, I forget half the tools I have but Anita is good at consistently putting what she has to good use!

The stocking in this set is also from her stencils.

Click photo for larger view.

I like how she strung the word "joy" with a golden line on that one, and also the finishing touch of decorating the sock's brim.

Anita made great progress in her scrapbook: 9 pages, I think it was.  I was hurriedly snapping photos while everyone was packing up, so I did not snap them all.  I ask her to lay out her favourite of the bunch for me and I would go and grab a shot before it was put away.

This layout is for a wedding of a family friend that she attended in British Columbia.  The book includes pictures from the wedding but also the tours in BC's gardens and sites.

Click photo for larger view.

The little page flowers were a new technique for Anita.  We stopped at Michael's on the way in and there were these flowers in bottles in the clearance section.  I recognized them because my co-worker Debbie had bought some and let us try them.  (You can see the tags I used them on in an earlier post.)  However, Anita could not decide what colour to get.  The bottles had 3 shades of the same colour in them.  I suggested finding all white.  That way, she could colour them to whatever colour her project needed.  Unfortunately, there were none like that in the clearance section.  So, back to the full price sections we meandered and found some.  Boy, were they ridiculously expensive!  Triple the price of the clearance stuff and 1/4 the number of flowers!

However, 100% chance they will get used, whereas most of the ones in the clearance bottles would probably sit idle, waiting to fit the colour of a future project. So, she used a coupon to make the price *bearable* and then she got to play with colouring the flowers:

We were glad Anita was able to attend the retreat.  It's been a long time since my sister and I have seen her and even longer since we have crafted together!

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