Sunday, May 6, 2012

Things with Wings - Custom Orders

I've been working on some custom orders.  It was very hard to keep up through busy season at the day job.  I have an understanding client, however, so I have had an extension on the large custom order.  I have two shipments left of that one.

Here's the work in progress on a small custom order I squeezed in for a non-profit organization.  I made some table signs for their event taking place later this month.

These are punched butterflies from a Fiskars squeeze punch.  I got a deal on the punch from Scraptime when she no longer wanted it.  I always wanted to try the squeeze punch to see how much easier it is to punch.  Let me tell you, it is WAY easier!  For my feeble skinny arms, the button punches are the most difficult and, after that, the lever punches.  (Sometimes I put my button punches on the floor and step on them!)  The squeeze punch is a squeeze motion in your hand which not only feels more natural, but is MUCH easier to put some oomph in to!  Plus, since these are designed to be held with the punch out part facing up, it is easier to see what you're punching (unlike button punches).

Here is the latest colour combo of my large custom order of "Make a Wish" fairy cards:

I named it the "Open Sea Fairy".  I like the swirly blue-green paper (from Basic Grey).  It's like the turning waves.

I've taken time off in May only because I have a lot of accrued vacation.  Since the firm merged with a larger firm, the new employer doesn't like us keeping accrued vacation.  So, this is my after-tax season treat to myself.  I've taken time off in May so that I can a) get my next shipment of fairies out and b) participate in the Accucut Craft 2nd Annual GrandeMark Challenge!  I already put one entry in (more on that later!), but we can enter as many times as we like.  So, I'll be getting my craft on later this month.


  1. Butterflies are awesome, and love the fairy card, nice!!!!

  2. Wow, you have so much exciting stuff going on right now! That is great! The butterflies look really pretty. It must be fun to have a big custom order! Good luck on your custom order & the contest!

  3. great projects.
    I broke my fiskars squeeze punch :(
    As for the liquid pearls on my card, it does have a bit of a peak to it, if you tap the underneath of the card they will flatten a bit.


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