Monday, May 14, 2012

Garden Door Cards

This set of garden doors is my first entry to the 2nd Annual Accucut Grandemark Challenge.  I didn't get to play in the first one because I hadn't bought my Grandemark and dies yet.  I am excited to participate in this one.  I have lots of ideas but only so much time!

I bought the Pennants #1 die to make banners.  I haven't made any banners yet, but I have lots of other ideas for this shape.  Here's the first one:

Doors!  I used the smaller pennant to make the inner door.  I folded the bottom up before I cut, so it would be a longer door.  I unfolded it and used it as a template to cut my inner doors.  On some, I drew the wood grain on with a stylus.  On others, I used pre-embossed felt as the door.  The flowers are my own design, but I built them based on a smaller flower punch I have.

These doors were inspired by ClaybyKim on Etsy.  I have had her fairy portals in my favourites for some time.  Now that my husband has offered me the larger spare bedroom for my scraproom (instead of the smaller one I am using), I've been redesigning colours in my head and buying decor.  I bought these two doors with custom colours for my new room!

The pennant die looks like the domed-top door.  This was my prototype door:

I felt the debossed wood grain just wasn't any where near as stunning as Kim's doors.  Plus, the clockwork hinge is one of my favourite aspects of her doors.  That's when I went to the embossed felt:

Does it look good next to its little buddy?  Did I do it any justice?  I used the border on the album builder snowflake die from Accucut Craft to make my hinges.  I tried some with individual hinges and some with a whole giant hinge:

I think it works on this door because the flower centers are also black.  Those are my sprinkles from Annabelle Stamps that I talked about before.  I also tried glittering the edge on this.  It looked really gaudy when I first did it, but after I finished dressing up the door, it didn't look as bad because it was less in-your-face.

While I was storming up versions of these doors, an iCraft challenge for daffodils was brought to my attention.  So, I made a Daffodil door too.  The challenge is for cancer awareness.  That's an issue near and dear to my heart.  (After this one, I made a pink version for breast cancer as well.)

If you vote for my daffodils on iCraft, I win a $100 donation in the name of my choice to the Canadian Cancer Society.  For me, it would be my mom.  Just click here: "my daffodil entry" and, when the voting begins, there will be stars at the bottom for you to rank my entry.

It was a lot of fun designing these!  I am working on my second submission now - it's almost done.  I have at least one more to do after that for sure.  I have more ideas too, but it will depend on the time I have.  The submission deadline is May 31!!

I can make these doors into Christmas and Halloween doors too!  They are on the large side though, so I don't think I would make my whole Christmas card list of them, but perhaps a few.

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