Friday, April 6, 2012

Masculine Milestone Birthday Card

One of our friends has turned 40 this year and we are hosting a party for him.  Crafting time is at a premium for me during tax season, but I had to make something for this milestone.  I just got a new Stampin' Up! punch that is gears.  It doesn't punch my Elan Metallic cardstock but it does punch the Bazzill metallic cardstock.  I was worried it was broken when it wouldn't punch the Elan cardstock, which was the first I tried.  After making this card with regular cardstock, it seemed to loosen up a bit.  I guess it needed to be "broken in".  Well, with the number of gears I punched on this masculine birthday card, it definitely got a work out!

This is a one punch card!  The punch has gears in two sizes.  I did use my electronic cutter to cut the "4" but you could use a chipboard letter.  I considered inking the gears to make them stand out more, but there were just so many and they are just so small.  They are clearly visible to the naked eye though.

My sister's birthday was also this past week.  I have her card made (and I really like it), but I have to think of the inside still.  I'll snag a picture before I hand it over to her.

Happy Easter Weekend everyone!


  1. How fun! I love the gears! He will love it. So cool and masculine.

  2. Very neat! I bet the design would be very popular with the steampunk crowd. :D

  3. I love this card.
    Its a perfect masculine card. Love all those gears


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