Sunday, April 22, 2012

Homsense Spinning Lady

So, last weekend, I participated in Empower Hour to raise funds for the fight to end violence against women.  It's a cause with meaning for me, which I fully exploited to get my office to donate A LOT.  I raised enough funds that I got a $50 gift card to Homesense (one of the event sponsors).  I donated $50 myself to kick off my donation pool, so it was kind of nice to get my money back and go shopping!

Homesense and Winners are related stores.  Winners makes me crazy.  Their housewares section is pretty nice but I can't buy clothes they way they are laid out (same way as Marshall's in the U.S.).  Homesense is their home decor store.  LOVED IT!  There are A LOT of great things at reasonable prices.  There is even some scrappy things (I found a Sew Easy Stamper kit for $20, W R Memory keepers fine point scissors for $6 and W R Memory Keepers 18" magnetic mat for $20.)  I didn't buy any of the scrappy things though.  I went there with an eye for shopping for my NEW paper studio.  This summer, my darling husband offered to take his computer and the room furniture out of our shared computer room and put it in my scraproom and I will get the computer room!  It's 2 feet bigger in both directions with a much bigger closet too!  (I think the closet stuff will stay though - it's one of our storage areas, since our basement is occupied.)

Here's what I got with my $50!
(Click for a bigger picture.)

I bought a lazy Susan ($7), a jewellery holder lady ($20) and 4 small hanging pots ($5 each).  My most used scissors are directly on the lady with my tapes.  My other scissors, pens, glues, and tools are in the planter buckets.

You can see her less loaded here:

My new room will have very light grey walls and a teal/turquoise and purple/orchid accent colour combo.  The little cups there with my clothespins in them are from the dollar store.  The baskets behind are also from the dollar store.  The shelf riser was from Home Depot for $6 or $7 dollars.

I can't wait to get my new space!  We will be doing the big move during the summer.


  1. Congratulations on raising so much money for a great cause! Nice picks from your gift card. :D

  2. Such a great cause.
    I love your dress form girl. I bought a large one from there that I plan on hanging my ribbons on. If I ever get to them.

  3. That was a great find! Plus, you had a great idea to put it on the lazy Susan with the hanging pots! I can hardly wait to see your finished studio!!


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