Saturday, July 24, 2010

Give a Poem a Home: An Owie on the Noggin

Almost two weeks ago now, my youngest nephew who was 2 and a half months old (age-corrected for being born premature, he was really only 2 or 3 weeks old) got an owie on his head.  Let’s just leave it at: there was a bottle warming accident.  It was horrific at the time because it seemed everything in the world had suddenly gone so wrong once the accident happened.

The good news is that he is totally fine now.  He has a light scar in one place and still a scab in another which might also scar.  These scars are very small and fairly faint, so I am confident they will fade with time and, by the time he is five years old, they might be completely erased.

I felt terrible that it happened in my house while my sister was visiting.  I had to make a card for him as I imagined he must be so uncomfortable.  (Within a couple days, though, I don’t think he was as uncomfortable as I still imagined.)  I searched for “get well” digital stamps since digital stamps have immediate delivery through email and I wanted an image fast.  I found a lot of really cute baby stamps, but not so many get well ones, but this one was perfect:

My nephew’s owie is on his head, concentrated around the left ear, so the bear kissing the bunny’s head on that side was oh so perfect!  This image is a digital stamp by Diane Carubia on Di’s Digital Downloads.

I follow her blog and I noticed she has a label for Get Well, so I gave it a whirl and this little guy came up.  It’s too bad I don’t have more brown markers though.  I had to make the bear such a dark brown.  Oh well, it’s a lovely excuse to go buy some more!  I think if I were to make this card again, I would put a second frame around the image.  The cardstock I chose matches the patterned paper SO well that it sort of disappears.

Here’s what I put inside my card.  You can replace “big brother” with “big sister” if needed, but the subject is meant to be a boy.
Baby has a boo boo
On his little head.
He needs lots of love
And snuggles before bed.
We must be very gentle
Because his boo boo hurts a lot.
Lucky that a loving,
Tender, family he’s got!
Big brother [NAME]
Must be gentle as he can.
Mommy will be careful.
She loves that little man!
Daddy will be calm
To soothe Baby’s cries.
With the whole family helping,
Baby will be a happy guy!


  1. I'm glad your nephew is feeling better! The card you made him is super adorable. I hadn't heard of digital stamps before - what a great idea!!

  2. Oh, how cute!! My little nephew loves the cards that his aunt makes for him, and I am sure that this will be a great keepsake for yours as well! The digital stamp thing is really cool! Will be directing many to your blog! They can learn so much!

  3. This is really sweet. I love this cute little digi. You found the perfect one. I can imagine the scare of a little baby. Yikes. Glad things are healing.


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