Tuesday, July 13, 2010

All Creatures Great and Small

Along with the warm weather has come the return of foliage to the trees and bushes beyond the fence of our back yard where the conservation area is.  We are happy to look out on to nature every day.  My parents-in-law, who rent our walkout basement, are thrilled to have a vegetable garden this year.

Since it goes with the latest thing in my Etsy shop, I decided to share some of the nature around our house.  Last year, owls, other birds and octopi were all the rage.  I’m not generally a huge fan of owls, although my mother’s favourite bird was the snowy owl.  I’m ready for a new animal now.  I’ve seen woodland creatures popping up in places: on papers, stamps and die cuts.  It’s been largely rabbits and fawns (a la “Bambi”.  I suppose that will be Disney’s next digitally re-mastered and re-released movie if it has not been done already.)

Deer have been spotted in our backyard too!  This little one is pictured right up at our fence gate.  Once it spied us spying it, it looked back to where mommy was watching.

One look back reveals she wasn’t very far away!   She was hiding in some higher brush.  You can still see some white spots on the fawn's coat!

I haven’t made a deer die cut, but I have made a little animal.  The animal I have to share with you today is a fox.

I showed my die-cuts to my sister and she said this one was really cute.  It is actually my baby dragon die cut, which I further altered to make this fox.

Well, I hope the deer don’t eat our vegetable garden!  I’m not much of a green thumb (well, not at all really!) but I have these purple plants that came from my mother’s house.  They love sunlight and don’t need much watering.  When we moved in to this house, someone else moved in to one of my plants on the porch too!


  1. We have had deer around here as well. Havent' seen them lately though.
    Those images are adorable.

  2. Oh I just love that picture of the deer in sitting in the thicket. Love your die cuts. How cute. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving some love. I'm glad I visited.


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