Thursday, May 31, 2018

Bride and Groom from Dreamerland Crafts

I had a couple co-workers get married this May. I wanted to make a handmade card. I wasn't sure what I was going to do and then I saw this Kiss the Bride stamp from Dreamerland Crafts. I really wanted this one because the groom really looks like the actual groom (to me! It's the hair! And he is quite a bit taller than the bride too.) But it sold out before I could get it! Ack!

So, I had to get the next best thing, which was this Welcoming the New Couple version.
I used far more alcohol markers to colour this than I thought I would. I used 3 greys in the bride's dress and the groom's shirt, and 3 different ones in the groom's pants. I used 3 more different ones for the groom's shoes. I used 3 browns in the groom's hair and 4 in the bride's because her hair is a little darker than his. Their wedding colour was a steel blue or a grey blue - a muted colour. I tried to match that with the flowers and the bow-tie - three more markers there. There are 3 colours in the skin and one for the pink cheeks and mouth. I used the picture on the front of the stamp packaging as a guide for where to place the shading.
(Click photo for larger image.)
I made this card shape myself for my Brother Scan'N'Cut die cut machine. I actually made that file for a wedding a few years back. I think it adds a touch of fancy to the card. I added the year to the front to personalize it a little bit (besides trying to make the couple look like the bride and groom).

The bride found it hard to find cake toppers that looked like them. They were either not very nice looking toppers or just not the right colours. I tried to make up for that. I hope she thought I did a good enough job!

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