Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Winter Trees

The holidays are over, I know. But it's still winter! So, I'm still going to post holiday cards!

I received a small handful of handmade cards this year. This one really stood out. It has textured embossing (inside and out!), heat embossing and glitter!

This came from my friend and creative crew member, Claire! It's seems simply stated but there's a lot going on in it. The gold ink was sponged on, the ribbon adds even more texture and the inside has gold metallic paper and embossing.

Can you see the glitter in the trees glisten? (Click photo to enlarge.) That's my favourite part!

This is a particularly lovely image with the realistic trees.

Claire didn't stop on just the outside. The golden theme carried through to the inside as well, along with a texture embossed border and golden heat embossed sentiment.

It definitely made me smile! So pretty! (I can't seem to find the rest of my pile of cards, so they may or may not make an appearance on the blog!)

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