Thursday, March 5, 2015

Baby Boy 1st Birthday Scrapbook Album

I finally finished this mini album! This one is a custom theme. The baby was dressed as a sailor and the party was ocean creature themed. So, I took pen to paper and drew some ocean creatures. Then I scanned them to my computer and created electronic die cuts out of them (.svg files). (Link to video walk-through at end!)

I also used some party themed die cuts like party hats and balloons as well as my hand made wrapped gifts. The balloons on the cover are actually Christmas ornaments turned upside down!

I used a swing tag on this page. The seahorse and the gift move out of the way so that the top flap can open. I also used some 'paper paper clips'. I made the tags so that they could clip on to something. (You can see the rosette one on the page facing the seahorse. That tag slides out.)

My favourite die cuts that I made are the seahorse, the whale and the octopus. Here's the whale:

On the facing page to this whale, you can see the dolphin tag is holding shut two flip-open-sideways photo mats.

I also designed a little onsie die cut for this album. This one I designed directly in Inkscape.

It was very hard to work on. It's the biggest I've done to date with pages 8.5 inches tall and 6.5 inches wide. With the external hinges, I had to assemble the pages first and then work on them. It was tough and I find the pages a little stiff.

To see the album live, hop on over to my Vimeo channel by this link:

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  1. Wow, this is an adorable album….so much work, but so worth it.
    I am sure the recipient loved it and will treasure this.
    I also like that you designed your own cut outs.


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