Saturday, November 2, 2013

2013 Halloween Costumes

We had a costume contest and a pumpkin decorating contest at work on Halloween this year.  We had a decent number of people dress up.  I have two costumes that I alternate wearing when I give out candy: my demoness (favourite!) and my witch.  My witch hat doesn't fit, so I needed to get another.  I got one on sale today at Target for $0.90!!  It's a little too big but I can stuff something in the rim to make it sit better.  It's only plain, so we'll see if I feel like getting some felt and netting next year to dress it up.

The Most Creative Costume prize went to our IT person, Justin.  Take a look at his super creative, instantly recognizable character costume his wife helped him make:

It's BEAKER from the Muppet Show (if you are old enough to remember it).  It was a very well executed costume!  Here we are together:
Justin is already a tall guy so the mask made him very very tall.  Some smaller children were afraid to approach him (also not knowing who the character is).  Small children are sometimes afraid to approach with my wings and fangs too.

My husband doesn't give out candy - it's my job.  He did take our nephew out and around the neighbourhood though and he dressed up in his camouflage.  Our nephew was a red ninja this year.  Our nephews in a neighbouring city were a red army guy and a little lion, so I'm told.

Hope everyone had an enjoyable Halloween!  Now, on to Christmas!

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  1. This is amazing Beeker..loved that guy..your costume is stunning....hope you had a great time.


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