Monday, January 14, 2013

Black and White Bridal Shower Card

It's past time to get back to crafting!  I have been absorbed in the world of Game of Thrones (the books).  Season 1 of the subsequent show has been devoured too and Season 2 isn't out yet on DVD and Season 3 is coming back in March!

That means, it's time get myself off the sofa and back in the craft room!  There was an engagement over the holidays: my sister's step-brother-in-law.  The happy couple have been big figures in my nephew's lives and I am very happy for the two of them.  They are young but realistic for their ages.

The bride-to-be asked my sister to help her with some engagement party invitations.  My sister asked me if I could show the bride-to-be some techniques from my inventory of cards to help her decide on a style and a colour scheme.

I have said before and I repeat: necessity is the greatest innovator (and motivator!).  To demonstrate different techniques or elements, I plucked some cards with glitter, and an embossed card, and one with a repeating motif.

Then I set to work to make this new card.  I made this one black and white, since the bride has not decided on an accent colour yet and may consider classic black.  I used a Stampin' Up! background stamp and a new dress form stamp I got at the One of a Kind Show in Toronto from The Old Island Stamp Company.  I fell in love with the image as soon as I saw it, even though I saw limited use for it.  I had to have it, nonetheless.

For this card, the goal was to show something with distressed edges.  I distressed and inked both the feather paper background and the stamped script background.  The music paper was torn to continue the distressed look, but I did not ink it.  I stamped the dress with versamark and then used black embossing powder.  Something about "wedding" calls for raised ink to me!

My sister has made a couple of rose invitations to show the bride as well.  Roses were the closest thing to a wedding stamp she had on hand.  Even my stamp here is only the bride - there's no groom for this engagement party invitation!  (Well, mine is just to show the distressing technique anyway.  It's not meant to be an engagement invitation.)

It was fun to play in my craft room.  It will be more fun when my sister comes over and the ideas get flowing!


  1. Your card is so elegant, very beautiful.
    I am envious of you and your sister having this creative bond.
    I have heard of Game of Thrones but have not yet watched it.


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