Thursday, October 18, 2012

Halloween Cards for Toronto's Sick Kids Hospital

At my last workshop, I accepted donations of cards for the children at Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children as my class fee.  I'm on the Smiley Team for Kards for Kids and that's where all the cards went.  I'd like to showcase what my Creative Crew was able to come up with.  Claire created the most, with 5 cards total.

Witch Hat Halloween Card

This witch hat Halloween card is make with stickers.  How fun is that?  There's a hat on the envelope and some on the inside too with a big orange "Happy Halloween!"  The sentiment on this card is a fancy, iridescent glitter.
Iridescent glitter sentiment
Click for larger view.

On the next pair, Claire used a cool witch stamp and some black cats!

Handmade Halloween cards by Claire 2012

And, one of my favourites, is this embossed jack'o'lantern handmade Halloween card.
Jack'o'lanterns Handmade Halloween Card
Awesome, huh?  A tweensy bit spooky, maybe.  Claire decorated all the insides of her cards too, with a piece of white for writing and a stamped sentiment and stickers.

The last card by Claire is a birthday card.

Handmade Birthday Card

It is bright and bold and beautiful!  I am very grateful for the time and effort Claire has donated to create smiles for the kids!


  1. there all awesome cards, really like the hats!!!

  2. All of these cards are great.
    I really like the first one, so fun and bright :)


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