Saturday, August 11, 2012

Not-So Lazy Days of Summer!

Normally, summer is slow for me at work.  Last year, it was so slow, I took a week off for the heck of it and didn't work a second over our 35-hour work weeks.  Well, here comes the new firm.  Work weeks are 40 hours like the rest of the poor working world and there's no slow time anymore.  I am jam-packed with stuff to do.

You know what they say too, right?  When it rains, it pours!  I've had three custom order inquiries come in while I am still struggling to meet my original order.  The good news is, my original order customer is contemplating further designs.  (Have I said how much I like this customer?  Very responsive and laid back about delivery times.  Sweet!)  The other orders might not pan out.  It will be blessings in disguise, I'm sure.  I am squeezing one in for mini baby-cards though.

I finally did another page in my wedding album.  This album has been in the making for over 5 years.  I'd say I'm about half way through it.  Maybe I can show it to my husband in its entirety for our 10-year anniversary!  LOL.  Even looking back on it now, I can see how much I've aged.  (sigh)

This is my dad giving his speech at my wedding.  I tried to make these pages masculine by using hard lines but tried to make them interesting with off-centered placement.  I wasn't sure whether I really like it until I put the two father's speech pages together.

I used a colour on each page that matched the bow-tie/tie of the father.  Together, I think it looks kind of "newsy" announcement type.  So, I like them now.

I will be working on this book in September.  My creative crew ladies and I are going to a self-made retreat!  I'm a little nervous about how much I actually plan to pack.  I will have to go through my wedding album and plan a few pages ahead in "page kit" fashion.  Then I will know what to bring!


  1. My friends and I are go on a few "self made retreats" I LOVE them :)
    It is hard to know what to bring. We have been doing these for over 10 yrs, you would think I would have it all down pat, not, lol.
    Your layout is perfect. I would think it would be hard to put a masculine layout, but still keeping with the wedding theme. I think you did it perfectly.

  2. I like the album! I think the colors look great. I really like the little banner on the left page. Congratulations, by the way, on your busy-ness! It's always good to have orders even if it is overwhelming :) Let us know how the retreat goes! That sounds really fun!


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