Saturday, January 7, 2012

UFOs - UnFinished Objects

I have four projects in the works right now.  I decided to take part in the friendly inspiration thread on Two Peas in a Bucket about UFOs or "UnFinished Objects".  Here, you can see my desk with three of my UFOs: a winter mini album, a holiday card keeper (see my 2012 resolutions) and the next shipment of my custom fairy card order.  (The fourth project is still my wedding album.)

The card keeper is in the middle.  I will post the finished project when it is done.  My problem is that I'm waiting on my new machine with new dies to finish this and my winter album.  (The winter album is under all the blue stuff in the top left corner).  I bought a snowflake die that would look smashing on these projects.  (I also bought chipboard in that order which I need to make the covers for my card keeper.)

The bits of my custom fairy card order is in the top right.  The last time I did an order like this, the planned papers and bits were scattered everywhere in my paper studio.  I re-arranged my studio in October to make room for the new machine.  I worked with that for about 2 months.  Then I decided to re-arrange again.  The light is in the centre of the room.  I realized I need to sit on the right side of the room so the light is to my left so that my right hand will not cast a shadow when I am writing or using scissors.

During my post-Holiday clean up, I found an unused Mimi paper keeper.  It came with my Mimi tote bag.  So, I piled up all the papers I have chosen for my custom order in to it and now it sits neatly on one corner of my desk (except for the bits I'm working on that are out).

I promise to do the room tour as soon as my newest tool arrives and is in place!  I know I've been promising for a while.  So long, in fact, that the last set up of my room that was never seen has already been redone!  I think I am happy now.  I just need that crowning jewel of my equipment arsenal.  (There's one piece of furniture I'm eyeballing too, but that is for another year.)

What UFOs are you working on?


  1. good luck on finishing your projects,I cant do more than one project at a time, I guess I'm not that co-ordinated. My goal is to get more storage space. cant wait to see your finished projects!!!

  2. UFOs? I have several of these (not including the current mess of shifting studio space). I currently have 3 heads that are just lie on my work table glaring at me and wondering when they will get bodies and I also have a fairly large full body sculpt that I started to do for the ADO Goth challenge, but put her aside because I wasn't happy with her. So, she is bald and 1/2 dressed and probably won't be finished for awhile!

    Great idea on storing bins in the top of a garage - I wish we had a garage! Would certainly free up space!


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