Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Here comes the snow

Here's a set of quick custom Holiday cards I made.  I had a set in my iCraft shop with cool tones: blue and aqua.  My customer requested red and blue.  I had trouble picturing ANYthing that would work.  Mix a warm tone and a cool tone for a winter card?  It just would not compute.

I got the message just before bed one night.  I laid awake thinking about it, trying to figure out how to combine them.  I spent the next day at work thinking about it off and on too and nothing was coming to me.  I was stressing a little bit.  I finally put it from my mind and decided I would have to wait until I was home and could see what kind of paper was in my stash.  (Then, I had to think if I even had enough red for the quantity of cards requested as I don't work with red much at all, actually!  I quickly squashed that thought too so I could do my work.)

After supper came the test.  What does the Fairy Cardmaker have in her tickle trunk (dating myself, but I really liked Mr. Dress Up as a child.)    I pulled two reds and started to play match maker.  I looked at my sample design my customer had pointed out and thought about layering.  I thought, well, I'll just make the red have a little wee border.  Then it will be mostly blue with a red highlight.  (I'm biased - my favourite colour is blue!)

Turned out differently.  Red is front and centre.  And I like it.  I am surprised: both that I was able to put blue and red together and that I like it.  Wonderful thing: my customer liked it too!  It just served to remind me that getting pushed out of your comfort zone can have surprisingly pleasing results!

I'm still behind in my cards though - I have a large custom order with a delivery schedule.  I am only 1/4 of the way through the first delivery.  Plus I have a personal 65th birthday that needs a card super fast.  I have an idea for that one, so I'm off to it!


  1. it turned out really nice, I would of had troubles with those 2 colors!

  2. Oh... love this combination of colors and shapes! Warm yet fresh and wintery.


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