Monday, November 7, 2011

The Holidays Are IN!

Now that October is gone, it is time to turn my brain on to the idea of Christmas.  Yes!  I feel the holiday spirit weaving its way in to my thoughts.

On Saturday, I went to the "Made by Hand" show at the International Centre in Mississauga.  I think it was the first ever.  It featured only local Ontario artists.  I saw many shops that I recognized from iCraft and Etsy.  Among them, I met:
  • Ahkriti, a jewellery maker on iCraft - a hardworking, inspiring lady with a great eye for colours
  • Thunderpeep, a digital artist selling stationery and other papercraft both on iCraft and Etsy, an artist with fabulously crisp and out-of-the-box designs
  • Sewlutionsbyamo, a handmade leather accessories shop on Etsy (including wallets and cuffs), one I have long looked at on Etsy for seamlessly practical AND fashionable items
I went to the show originally just to check it out.  It was larger than I thought it would be.  I also noticed on the flyer that the door proceeds sponsored Crafting for a Cure.  Door tickets were amazingly low for an International Centre event (only $1 or $2).  My entry was free because I brought the flyer.  I went to their site (WARNING: Some pages launch video immediately.)  I found that they take product donations.  So, since I wasn't contributing to door proceeds, I rummaged through my scraproom and donated: a whole bunch of Christmas paper, two unopened Tombow Aqua glues, one opened and one unopened Scotch photo splits, a bunch of stickers, some cardstock alphabets (punch outs) and some ribbons.  It was probably a 2 inch thick stack of stuff plus the ribbons and glues on top.

Dropping off my donation at the entrance put me in a warm fuzzy mood.  I wandered for a bit first, not really looking hard because I hadn't intended to buy anything in particular.  I saw some hand painted ornaments that I really liked though.  There was a deal to buy 5, so I made a little set out of them.  Once I bought that, then I remembered I needed a tree topper too.  I found a couple but I bought the smaller one because our tree is not super tall.  The topper is pictured at the top of this post.  I LOVE the contrast of the jingle bell colours against the neutrals of the angel.  Plus, the jingle bells are such a happy sound!  The other things I bought were gifts, so I'm not going to mention them here.  All in all, I was very happy with my purchases.

It was a good kick off to the Holidays!  We had a family skate that night.  We rented an indoor ice rink.  When you split the cost between a few families, it was quite affordable and less intimidating for the little ones than a public skate.  Our nephews started out shaky and nervous but were having fun by the end.  We let them take it slow and their confidence kept building over the hour.  Skating was another happy holiday feeling!

Sunday, I worked on my workshop samples and instructions.  The item was much easier to make than I imagined!  I made a whole bunch of samples AND all the kits too.  (I'll post those soon.)

There's something in the air, I tell you.  Something good.

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