Saturday, October 1, 2011

Calico Kitty

Just a very quick post today.  Someone had commented on my kitty in the window card post about seeing my die cut kitty in calico colours.  I thought I had one, but I couldn't find it.  So, I made a new one.  I made this one a wee bit smaller than the one I had before.  The original size was large for scrapbook pages but this one would do well on a card.  (That's where it's likely going to end up anyway!)

Hope you like it!  (His snout almost looks like a big bushy moustache!)

Plus, since it's Halloween month, here's a version of just the silhouette on a pumpking that I made last year:


  1. I love your kitty and also, your adorable snail cute and I think, a lovely idea.


  2. Omg I love calico kitty! It was ME who said I'd like to see a calico kitty! Hee hee! She looks adorable :) :) :)


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