Sunday, August 28, 2011

More Handmade Holidays for SOAR!

I made a couple more Christmas cards to put in the pile that will be donated to the Southern Ontario Animal Rescue this year.  You can read about the first batch in my earlier post.  Claire, one of my creative crew, also took some extra envelopes home to make more bagalopes for SOAR's annual Howliday Party.  She's made 10 more of these, with the super cute black paw ribbons!

I had to make some cards for a co-worker who is moving on in her career (yes, another one! More on that later.)  So, I designed a quick Christmas card and used a sentiment I had stamped for a previous class (I have so many extras still).  It turned out cute so I made another one to put in the SOAR pile!  It's the snowflake one.

It was really fast to emboss and then ink the raised design.  It has a very distressed look which adds to the texture.  I really like how it turned out so I'm making more cards with that technique.

For the reindeer (which is a gorgeous Harmonie stamp - Harmonie being a Canadian company), I used up some scraps.  I created the patchwork background from some scraps of Christmas paper.  I put the reindeer on foam tape to make it pop out from the slightly busy background better.

I'm sure I'll think of some more designs between now and the end of October. :)


  1. The doggie bag is adorable.
    Love your cards so pretty.
    I will have to check out this Canadian Stamp company :)

  2. Beautiful cards and love that bag. Great idea and cause!

  3. Those are so cute, I love all of them! You are SO talented.


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