Saturday, July 2, 2011

All you need is love!

Love comes in many forms: you can love your family, a place or thing, an activity.  Love that you are born in to is easy.  Finding that special someone to spend your life with: not so easy.  How do you know when it’s love?  Well, clichés become cliché for a reason.  A saying becomes cliché when it is overused.  It is usually overused when there is an element of truth to it.  So, when I say that my husband completes me, it’s more than cliché.  It’s true!

Finding someone who compliments your personality and your way of going about daily life is rare.  There are billions of people out there – what are the chances that you will find the one that completes you?  Well, love also includes compromise.  When you love someone, you are able to accept that they are not perfect and you will love them flaws and all.  In return, they will love you flaws and all.  The one you love is the one with whom you can be your truest, silliest, goofiest, geekiest, clumsiest self and not be ashamed.  Why?  Because when you love them, they become part of you and you part of them.  There is no veil between you.  Love is complete trust and endless acceptance.  I chose our wedding invitation for the quote it had on it: “The path to true love is so narrow that two cannot walk it unless they become one.”

Love is like a perennial flower: it weathers winters when it shrivels and feels like it is slipping away but then it blooms again in the spring.  When conditions are harsh on the surface, it has roots deeply entwined in shared memories, nourishing the new buds to come.

Love should be celebrated in all its forms, shapes and sizes.  So many people will not truly know love.  Some are born to loveless relationships.  Some are born and stripped of family so young that they must wait many years before they will have their first touch of love.  Some wade through years of false loves and seeming insurmountable heartaches until they finally find the one that fits.

Does it matter if it is a man and a woman, or two women or two men?  Love – true love – is so hard to come by I think we should accept it in all its varied blossoms.  If one person makes another feel complete, then let them be together.  Let them be free to find happiness.  So long as we can all respect each other and not harm each other, then I say thumbs up to love in all its forms!


  1. beautiful blog post. and i agree completely about what you say about love. great card too!

  2. What a perfect post. I totally agree with you on all accounts.

  3. Such beautiful and touching words. I second the ladies in agreement. Beautiful cards as well :)

  4. How beautiful words and feelings. All you said can not be a cliche because it`s obvious you feel and live those words with all your being.

  5. I am so very thankful to have found my soulmate! Lovely thoughts and adorable cards. ^.^


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