Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Tool-tastic Wedding Card

There’s an upcoming wedding that I am attending.  The couple has everything already – having been together for many years and already owning their own house.  I knew all along that money was going to be my gift, but I wanted to make something special too.  I wanted to make something distinctly “Lisa.”

Since I’m on this magnet kick, I decided to do that.  I admit that it might be a bit cheesy to have a personalized wedding magnet but I figured it’s better than them tattooing each other’s names on themselves!  The magnet itself is very simple.  The card, however, is a totally different story.
I decided I would house this magnet right inside the card so that I can put it in the card bin with everything else.  It’s just easier than passing it on to someone for safekeeping for the night and risk it getting lost in the partying with my cheque inside!  I made the card big: 5 x 7.  I also used a whole arsenal of tools to make it!  I can’t recall when I last used so many things on one project!

Click for larger view.

Firstly, I cut all the pieces with my Bosskut Gazelle.  The doves are a design by Bosskut Designs.  The lacy circle and sentiment frame I drew myself in the software.  Next, I used my Quickutz/Lifestyle Crafts Epic Six to emboss the lacy circle with a Stampin’ Up! embossing folder.  I also reached for my Stampin’ Up! stampajig to stamp the sentiment squarely in the frame.  Lastly, I used my newest tool, the Cropadile Big Bite to set the eyelets.  I actually crushed the eyelets the first two setting attempts but, once I figured out the pressure, the second frame was finished just fine.

I must confess, this orange and metal tool definitely looks worthy of the husband’s tool chest.  Its construction worker colours make it look heavy duty!  He actually wanted to see it and fiddled with it while inspecting it until I told him to stop squeezing the wrong block plates together and then he promptly gave it back.  (He once raided my studio when I wasn’t home and broke a hand-punch of mine trying to punch through something-other-than-paper and now he’s wary of breaking my other tools.  I did tell him that this one was capable of punching through leather if he needed though.)

I popped the doves and the sentiment up with foam tape so they wouldn’t look so blah-white.  I love how this colour scheme turned out.  I think it has a real Parisian look.  Do you?  I almost don’t want to part with it!  I used my last scrap of that red paper for the background (it’s DCVW).  I’m sure I can reproduce this card with other paper (but every time I say that, I rarely actually get around to making the same design again!)

Here’s the magnet that I will tuck inside.  I put the ribbon hanger there so that it can be easily pulled off the fridge/office cabinets or it can be hung from a nail for room d├ęcor instead.  I made the words equidistant from the edges of the circle but I guess I should have made them equidistant from the trunk of the tree.  Oh well, live and learn!

It’s just a little something anyway.  The monetary gift will be the real gift but, with this card, there will be no mistaking who it came from!


  1. You can't beat a hand made card. The magnet is such a cute idea, as it is something they can see and appreciate everyday (if it's on their fridge).
    Lovely! :)

  2. Very nice! I like that color scheme, too; no matter how hard I try to deviate, some room in my house always ends up with those colors together! I'm sure your friend will adore the card and magnet set. It's obvious that it was made with lots of love. :)

  3. I think this card is stunning...not a thing cheesy about it, just beautiful. What a lovely way to hold your gift.


  4. Awesome card! The magnet is a very thoughtful touch.

  5. Very pretty card. I love the magnet added to it. Nicely done :)


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