Sunday, November 7, 2010

Halloween House 2010

Had to sneak this post in before I become buried in Christmas card making.  That's right, Fairy Cardmaker's Workshop is gearing up to make Christmas cards.  Last year, I left it to the last minute and I only sent about 6 or 7 handmade ones.  This year, I want to get out 10-15 to the people I know will appreciate them.

But that is for another time.  Right now, I want to show you spooky stuff!  My husband is born on Halloween.  When we first got together, he used to bah-humbug giving out candy to other people on his birthday.  By the time we bought our first house together, I convinced him that Halloween is a time for fun!  Costumes and make-believe and being inventive and creative (pumpkin carving, decorating, etc.)

Well, now he gets a real kick out of doing our house up scary.  (The only way to do Halloween because he doesn't believe in cutesy whimsical Halloween.)  The ghoul at our front door sometimes blows in the wind.  The rags drape over our trick-or-treaters and some give it a wide birth!

The new addition to our decorations this year is the severed head.  (Personally, I'm not that fond of it.)  I begged my husband to put it somewhere not right next to the door.  I was sure the little kids wouldn't want to go near it.  He hung it up high, but it was actually too high to be noticed by many.

Our famous legs are in the next picture.  We've had these since the first Halloween in our first house.  It's just an old pair of jeans, stuffed with old runners tied on to the legs (through holes we put in the ankles of the jeans).  He usually lives under the garage door, but hubby decided to crush him with the engine hood of his car this year instead.

My husband had a robe and a ghoul mask and hands as his costume for our first Halloween.  Masks are not really that comfortable to wear, so it has been in disuse ever since.  This year, he found a use for it.  He dressed up a 5 foot tall skeleton and put him at the wheel of the car.  He had a strobe light in the car to light up the ghoul come night time.

Everyone's favourite, mine, my husbands, and all 140+ our trick-or-treaters, is the  skeleton in the ground.  He also has his own, private spotlight strobe light.  Many costumed children pose next to this fellow for their hoilday photo op.  It is very satisfying to my husband to be the "tourist" house on the street!

Last year, I carved our jack-o-latern using my own spider pattern.  (Click here to see it.)  This year, hubby was adventurous enough to try carving from a pattern himself!  One parent wanted to get a photo of her little girl sitting on the bench with the pumpkins.  Funny, the little girl walked past the skeleton coming out of the ground, the ghoul in the car, and the banshee at the door without a problem, but she didn't want to go anywhere NEAR the jack-o-latern!

My mother-in-law also got in to the carving action and made a pumpkin from a pattern this year too.

 All in all, our house was a hit.  Both my parents-in-law (who live in the basement apartment) and we contributed to the candy pile.  We give our candy from a giant plastic cauldron.  We easily had 2.5 cauldrons worth of candy.  We gave out about 1.75 cauldrons full.

Last, but not least, I wanted to show you the mini-pizza boxes I made for my nephews.  Each one is only 2x2 inches big and 1 inch deep.  I put some chocolates inside.

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