Sunday, September 5, 2010

Soft Stamping Christmas Cards

Here is the next instalment of the 2010 handmade Christmas cards my students and I made for the Southern Ontario Animal Rescue.  These ones were made by my sister, Lara.  She likes to use chalk on her stamped images, which is why I call it "soft stamping".  Chalk leaves a tint of colour instead of bold, vibrant colours.

The deer in on this card, by Stampin' Up!, is one of my favourite holiday images.  I have yet to use it myself, but I think it looks fabulous in chalk with a glitter pen used on the antlers and a white gel pen.  The two mice in the teacup were also originally done in chalk, but then outlined in markers for better visibility.

(Click photo for larger view.)
My sister used pre-printed cards by Die Cuts with a View and then added her stamped details.  I usually have trouble working with premade bits because they are so beautiful that I don't want to cover them up!  I have to say,the dasher one is my favouite of the two and the green cardstock she stamped on matched the card so completely.


  1. Lovely card! Interesting use of chalk. Does a fixative have to be applied?

  2. Both cards are so pretty. I have yet to use chalk.

  3. Stamping is older than scrapbooking. There are SO many ways to work with stamps. It boggles my mind. For chalk, you use a special kind of "ink". You stamp with this clear stuff first and then dust the chalk over the clear stamped image and it sticks! I suppose it is a kind of glue but it comes as a stamp pad.


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