Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Name Change is Coming!!

Ensorcelled Minds Inc. is in the process of registering a NEW NAME - a much easier one.  My lawyers are running the search now on my chosen name and once it is registered, everything changes.  I will have a new:
  • iCraft shop address
  • Etsy shop address
  • Business cards
  • Blog address
Never fear!  This blog will point you to the new blog under my new name as soon as I can get it finalized.  So, followers, please remember to follow me there!  I expect the switchover will be handled in the next couple of weeks.

So, what am I doing while I wait?  I'm creating!  I've made a number of new cards for my shops and I have a few other editions in the works.  I'm planning my new name to start off with lots of new designs!  I also have a two post series ready for the new blog about how to fit charitable giving in to your business.


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