Saturday, May 15, 2010

A New Soul in His Flock

Whew - I finished another custom order with little time to spare!  This one was a most pleasant surprise!  A co-worker of my husband, Sheena, recently had her first baby boy.  She is planning a Baptism party.  She said she went to the big box stores for some invitations but nothing really spoke to her and her husband.  So, they started looking online but the shipping lead time just wasn't working for them.

Then, she thought of me.  My goodness, I could not be more flattered!!  My husband is the talker in the family and, as much as he pokes fun at my craft, he does talk me up at work.  So, credit is due to him.  Sheena remembered him telling her about my very first custom order, which was a Christening party down under in Australia (also for a boy.  Am I a baby boy magnet?  I now have 3 nephews and no nieces, so I guess I've developed some expertise in the baby boy market?  lol)  Before the baby, Shena had also been to a few of my workshops at home, so she is familiar with my work and my style.

Sheena was more than reasonable, not expecting something ultra elaborate in a short period of time (and being patient enough to wait until tax season was over).  She asked for simple.  Yes!  That's my style!  But, I wanted to add a little twist... just a wee one.

So, I plunked myself down at my computer and designed a pocket tag that is the size of a standard A2 invitation.  It's a tag from the front, but has a small pocket in the back to hold your event details.  (I was so pleased with it, I tweaked the dimensions to make a little one to hold gift cards too!)

Sheena and her husband liked it.  Sheena told me that her son, Ethan has a little lamb toy of hers that he loves.  So, the lamb die cut (by Quickutz) is perfect for this event.  It has meaning for Ethan and a religious meaning (you know, the whole "the Lord is my shepherd" thing).

I got to meet baby Ethan too, and boy he is darling!  It's no wonder - Sheena is a beautiful lady who has a complexion that just makes a room fill bigger, fresher, and brighter.  Baby Ethan has her stunning eyes.  Lucky boy!  My husband is jealous that I got to meet him.  In the several trips to work with Ethan, he has never been in the office at the right time to meet him .  She brings him right to our house and he's at Rona with his dad to fetch things for the garden and completely misses his chance again!

Win one for me!



  1. This is adorable.
    I love the little pocket in the back

  2. So cute! This would be a nice idea (the pocket) for special Christmas gifts for cash, tickets, etc.
    Glad that you got to meet Ethan....I love that name, but it was one that we could not use because of our last name....darn.....

  3. how did you make the pocket tag? I have been searching!

    1. Thank-you for your question. This one, I made on my BossKut Gazelle. However, if you have an ordinary tag die, you could just fold the paper under at the bottom and cut it without placing the folded edge over the cut line. I have an album video that uses this tip.


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