Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Angel 2009 - Torn Edges

When I was a young girl, I was in to making my own paper dolls. I would draw them on paper, cover them in clear scotch tape and cut the taped doll out. That way, I could tape my fashion designs to the doll and be able to remove the clothing without ripping the doll underneath.

Here is my modern day doll. I drew this angel with FunTime software and cut out the parts with my Boss Kut Gazelle. I enjoyed creating about 6 different hairstyles for my girls, but the one pictured here is, by far, my favourite. And, since I made it myself, I can give them ANY colour of hair or skin that I desire!

Before I had my Gazelle, I had drawn the dress on a cereal box backing and I used to trace it on to my patterned paper to cut out by hand. The hair was also done this way and the head was a circle punch. The wings were from Boss Kut. Now, I have my own wings. I happened to look at the spider I drew for Halloween upside down and thought, "Hey! That sort of looks like wings!" After a little tweaking, I had wings!

I love the look of torn patterned paper. It gives it a randomly textured white edge. Here, I used Sandylion, Kelly Pannaci, paper which I purchased at the Sandylion Outlet store in Markham, Ontario. The inner part with the sentiment is Chatterbox Artsylicious paper which is one of my favourite design lines.


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