Thursday, July 16, 2009

I love my little ones

I just love these kitties I designed with my Boss Kut Gazelle! I made these to be paper piecings so that I could vary the colours. The solid silhouette was designed just as a base for the pieces. I’m actually partial to how they turned out as a silhouette!

It is a little finicky to place the pieces. As a solid piece, one could draw on a face or some stripes themselves.

Here is what it looks like fully fleshed out with its pieces though. I had trouble cutting a small enough nose and then I thought, why not just use some sparkly Stickles glue?

I actually designed a dog first, but when I finished I realized all I had to do to make a cat was change the ears and add a tail. Here is a picture of the fully pieced dog version of my homemade paper piecings.

Eventually, both my online stores will carry both models.

- Scrapninny

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