Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What do a hundred i's look like?

Look closely! There are 100 little letter i’s in this baggie! My very first custom order is for a baby’s christening. The word christening has two i’s in it and, although the order is for 45 cards, I’m cutting 50 in expectation of a few “oopsies”.

It’s the first large order I’ve ever had and it’s half-way around the world in Australia! I couldn’t ask for better exposure. 45 people are going to see my cards! And, let me tell you, this new mommy has got it going on! She contacted me back in March. With being a Chartered Accountant and having Canadian tax season through to April 30th, I was sure I could not service such a large order. However, her event is not until October! Wow, she’s organized!

I have all the little bits cut (that’s 550 letters among other things!) and I did it all with my manual die-cutter: one by one. There are two things left to do: the bears and assembly.

The first bear is done and soon I hope to have a whole army of them! Of course, I can’t show you the whole card – that might spoil it for the guests!

- Scrapninny

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